Andy Doyle
Copywriting and Wordpress Design Services


My Secret Sauce

My secret sauce is taking the broad view of IT – often guiding more detailed oriented people. IT is a complex puzzle, and I am excellent at putting that puzzle together – with collaboration and buy-in from all levels.

10 Years Enterprise Experience

Ten years in enterprise and outsourcing, where I ran 150-person international IT infrastructure teams. I was a person of influence in this role for major IT hardware and software purchases. Several acquisitions occurred during my time in enterprise IT, both as a purchaser and purchased. These events were disruptive to the teams, and I effectively guided those teams through these tricky waters.

17 Years Consulting Experience

  • Cloud Strategy
  • IT Strategy – Especially Infrastructure
  • Operational Excellence and Strategy
  • IT Team Dynamics and Organization
  • Data Center Migrations
  • Speed of Delivery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • M&A Divestiture


I have been writing my whole life. For pleasure. For work. For me. I use writing to share thoughts and ideas. To educate. To provide perspective. To grow myself as it is one of my two creative mediums (photography being the second). Most of my work is unpublished – and that’s ok.


Certifications and Training

There is nothing like on-the-job learning. I have also been hands-off technically for a long time. Still – training and learning new skills add to the overall tool bag and increase value. Here are some of my certifications and training courses completed.

Formal Certifications

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • ITILv3 Foundations

Additional Training

  • AWAI Accelerated Program Companion Series
  • AWAI Web Companion Series
  • AWAI B2B Programs
  • AWAI Web Audits
  • Udemy WordPress – Multiple
  • Yale The Science of Well Being


General Style

  • Keep to deadlines and expectations
  • Collaborate with everyone 
  • Opinionated – in a friendly professional way
  • Direct with answers and perspectives
  • I – Introvert
  • N – Intuitive: Big Picture
  • T – Thinking: Information processed through head then through the heart
  • P – Perceiving: Shoot from the hip
  • Ideation
  • Futuristic
  • Relator
  • Command
  • Strategic
  • 5 – Primary
  • 8 – Wing
  • 4 – Wing
  • Creativity
  • Love of Learning
  • Curiosity
  • Perspective
  • Leadership


I travel extensively for work and pleasure. I am a Million Mile flyer on United Airlines and a Marriott Lifetime Titanium member. I have experienced all seven continents, over 35 countries, and all 50 states. I travel as much as possible for pleasure, and part of my transition to freelancing is to be geographically independent. For me seeing the world expands knowledge of who we are, where we are, and how to be a better person.

I don’t just travel with high dollar means. I backpacked solo for four months in SE Asia in 2017, where I averaged $50/day. I spent nights in hostels, rode buses and trains instead of jet travel, focused on street food instead of expensive restaurants. Yes – a 45-year-old solo traveler staying in hostels with a bunch of 20-somethings. Sure – there were times I stayed in more luxurious places (ask about the JW Marriott in Hanoi) and ate in fancy restaurants, but my goal was mostly economic.

My favorite experiences? Mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, the massive amount of King Penguins on South Georgia Island, and close encounters with whales in Antarctica. There are dozens more, but those are my favorites. 


I am a certified yoga teacher. I received my base YTT200 in December of 2015 at the former Kindness Yoga location in Denver, CO. Since then, I added Level 1/2 Yoga Nidra in 2017 and Level 1 Restorative Yoga in 2019 – both from two of the most respected teachers in Denver for those styles. I taught for Elevate and Kindness Yoga studios focusing on Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra, along with Restorative Yoga, brings emotional and intellectual calmness to life. With our never-ending to-do lists and constant bombardment of stimuli, Nidra quickly slows life down and provides a calm perspective. Yoga Nidra, along with other yoga practices, helped me through a divorce and several other life challenges. I am stronger due to my yoga practices.


Everyone is a photographer these days. With the sophisticated cameras included in smartphones and the fantastic eyes people have developed these days due to social media, photography may seem blasé. I have taken pictures for 30 some years with the same goal – make my pictures from 5 years ago look terrible. That is due to my constant desire to improve. The most natural photos for me are landscapes – my eyes see that content well. I continue to get better and work on improving in other areas, such as animals, flowers, and stary night shots.

R Gallery in Boulder, CO, is featuring some of my pieces in the Fall of 2020. I also have a single piece of Palouse Falls presented at the Black Box Art Gallery in Portland, OR.

You can find me on Instagram and Flickr.


Imagine ten days with zero communication – verbal or non-verbal – even though there are dozens of people around you. No connection to the outside world. No technology. No journaling. No meat (some find that easy). No alcohol or other similar substances. No exercise besides walking between dorm and meditation center. Fourteen hours of meditation per day – starting at 4 am each day. That is the introduction of Vipassana meditation. Sound difficult? That is up to the person. For me, the most challenging aspect was physical – sitting mainly in Lotus position for so many hours – and my legs fall asleep in that position. My lower back – like many – is not flexible and was very sore the entire time. Other than physical discomfort, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and diving deep into myself, my head, my heart – without interruption, without distraction. I’ve never had more vivid dreams – one I still remember years later. The men in my dorm who snored (there were four freight trains the first night) all stopped snoring after three days – fascinating!!


I don’t have much stuff. I used to. Back in 2014, I had Amazon or clothing packages arriving every day – no joke. I had an overflowing closet, a storage basement full of boxes and stuff piled up. My drawers were all full. That trend lasted for years – until early 2015. I mostly stopped buying – I haven’t bought work clothes since (except shoes). I got rid of about 80% of my things. I allow places I live in breathe and carry less stuff energy. I am now highly mobile and carry a very light load. Do I buy things – sure. But only essential things and I buy quality. My technology and camera equipment are perfect examples as they bring me joy.