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Writing Sample – A Myth Buster

This writing sample was for a specific colocation company – One I have renamed to YourStuff. There are facts in this myth buster that are made up – something I would collaborate with any company to ensure accuracy.

Myth Buster – YourStuff is NOT Expensive!

When people visit YourStuff – either in person or through our videos – the most common unspoken response is we are expensive. Our scale, our automation, our security must result in high monthly costs compared to our competitors. After thorough analysis, the truth emerges – YourStuff is often the cheapest competitor out there – so much so network savings entirely cover our data center costs. What?!? How is that possible. Here is just a sample of how we do it.

Rack Capacity. In most colocation facilities, racks are limited in capacity due to cooling and/or power delivery. Often, only half of a 42RU rack is available for server, storage, and network equipment. At YourStuff, every RU is available with the full power of 80kw[AD1]  per rack. Compare that with our competitors that only allow 20kw[AD2]  per rack. The result – your organization requires fewer racks and thus lower costs.

How do can we offer 80kw per rack? We combine multiple technologies – some of these are simple and offered by other providers. Many are custom, patented, and exclusive to YourStuff.

  1. No raised floor.Our floors are cement – no raised floor. Why? Cooling is delivered more efficiently from above – rather than traditional squeezing cold air through small holes in the floor – and upward – the opposite direction cold air travels.
  2. Rack pods.At YourStuff, we combine multiple racks into a pod. The hot-side of the equipment faces the pod’s center, where all the hot air efficiently escapes via the pod chimney to outdoors. No contamination of hot air on cold air. More efficient cooling – less cooling costs.
  3. Efficient Power Distribution(would need more data here)

Free Cooling. You read that right – free cooling. Our data centers first choice of cooling is filtered ambient air from outside. Even in Las Vegas, 60% of the year is cool enough to cool our data centers.

Our second choice is highly efficient evaporative cooling running at 90% efficiency relative to air conditioning. Last is air conditioning – often when humidity levels are too high for evaporative cooling. These cooling mechanisms are automated through highly sensitive sensors throughout the data center to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient cooling is always delivered reliably. But first – free, efficient, and filtered air from outdoors is our first choice.

Network Costs. Twenty[AD3] network providers connect to YourStuff facilities on-net – no local loop charges and more efficient routing from your facilities and partners to YourStuff facilities. No other colocation provider even comes close.

But that is just the beginning. Our YourStuff NETWORK service has exclusive arrangements with all carriers that allow us to audit and reduce your entire network services bill – not just connectivity to our facilities.

What is the impact on your organization? Often, the cost savings in network services pay for the racks and monthly power fees. You read that right – Tier 5 collocation space nearly for free. No other provider can make that claim.

Is there more to the secret formula? There sure is – too many to share here. On top of all those efficiencies is YourStuff is 100% powered by renewable energy. Greenpeace has recognized our combined efforts across power efficiency as the #XX clean company – higher than Apple, higher than Google, higher than Facebook.

Tier 5 data center services – not only cheaper but the cleanest option on the market.


[AD1]I made up this number. Would need actual number

[AD2]I made up this number. Would require competitive research

[AD3]I made up this number