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Words matter. Words define our attitude and perspective. Words present who we are and what we believe. Words can hurt or persuade. Words can connect or disengage. Words can intrigue or bore. Words are personal – we all react in our way.

And my first job is to engage and listen to you.

Me - Andy Doyle in Rocky Mountain National Park
Me - Andy Doyle in Rocky Mountain National Park

What People Say...

...Andy listens carefully to his clients’ needs, issues and wants, making thoughtful, impactful observations. He is humble and inquisitive, and comes across as comfortable and unflappable in any situation...

...He does not make commitments, statements, observations or criticisms unless he has carefully thought them through. His perceptions are invariably insightful and elevate the discussion...
Bob Brackney
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Andy is more than a Partner. He is the rare individual who can balance the highly complex technical delivery and communicate to the C suite. He was critical to multiple Data Center projects over serval years. He is someone I plan to go back to for my complex program deliverable. On top of all this, he builds trust and belonging with the entire team.
Bob H
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Andy is a perfect blend of practitioner & consultant; he brings a pragmatic and academic perspective to the problems he helps organizations solve. I've been lucky to work with Andy these past 5 years and I've seen him leverage his thought leadership and ability to communicate to successfully help organizations navigate complex structural and technology problems across a variety of industries. Andy is a welcomed addition to any team and that's a narrative you'll hear from his customers and colleagues alike.
Alex S
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